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Behind the Scenes - Week 5 - Unrooted Cuttings & Seeding Time

Behind the Scenes - Week 5 - Unrooted Cuttings & Seeding Time

We are putting the finishing touches on our misting tables just in time for the arrival of our cuttings in a couple of days.  The misting benches have gone through a couple design modifications since we started building them.  We found an amazing misting system, but unfortunately we couldn't use it as it was manufactured in the United Kingdom and not allowed to ship to Canada.  So with the help of a fellow grower we sourced a different system.  The new system isn't as "slick" as the original misting system we sourced but it is better than the alternatives we were finding.
Another design modification is the in-bench heating system.  Originally we were going to use electric heating mats.  They are clean, provide even heat distribution and are easy to remove once we were done using them.  Allowing an easy transition of the tables from our production greenhouse to our retail greenhouse.  However after getting over the sticker shock of $1500.00 we brainstormed a much more economical alternative.  We ran heating lines and covered the lines with sand.  The sand will act as a heat sink allowing for even heat distribution under the cuttings. The misting tables will be plumbed into our existing heating system and disconnected to allow them to be moved and used in our retail greenhouse.
Many of you are wondering why we are growing from URC's this year.  As growers, we have always taken pride in growing our own product, as much as possible, to ensure the quality and hardiness of our plants.  This is one more progression.  If successful, by starting from URC we are able to offer you more variety while trying to control our costs.
One variety we are starting by urc's is Dahlia Dalaya Purple White.  We chose this variety for the bold, bi-colour blooms which bloom all season long.  This variety is known for having excellent garden performance and is a magnet for butterflies.
Dahlia grown at Maple Park Farm greenhouse located in Beaver County.  Dahlia Dalaya Purple White. 

Can't wait to see these beautiful blooms!  They'll look fabulous in landscapes as well as mixed containers😍!!

Please follow along on our Instagram account (click on the Dahlia picture) where I will be sharing more of the varieties we are growing from unrooted cuttings.  As well as sharing what seeds we are sowing.

What are you looking forward to planting this year?

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