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Week 3 - Are we on schedule according to "The Plan" ?

Week 3 - Are we on schedule according to "The Plan" ?

Every year at this time, we:

-Deep clean the greenhouses.  This includes flipping the benches up, removing any plant debris, vacuuming and sanitizing.  These are not the most glamourous tasks and takes a few days to complete but are critical.

-Finalize our seeding schedules, planning successions and ensuring there is enough bed space in our gardens for cut flowers and vegetables.  Succession plans are very important to ensure we have a variety of fresh vegetables and flowers each week for our vegetable boxes and flower bouquets subscriptions.  However, ultimately it is up to Mother Nature.


Some additional tasks this year:
-We are building a misting bench-This week, we picked up the materials to build our misting bench.  We will use the misting bench to root our URC (unrooted cuttings).  Depending on the variety this can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  Our first URC arrive week 5 (first week in February) which is only 2 weeks away.

-Snow Load-This year we have received lots of snow, which is great for the fields, gardens and dugouts.  Not so great for greenhouses.  The past few days we have been trying to clear the snow off the greenhouses.  They are tough but they can only handle so much.

Normally, we would have starting seeding our perennials and some cut flowers by now.  We have pushed this back a week or so to allow time for these other projects.

So, yes we are a little behind schedule compared to "the plan" but as with any type of farming, you need to be adaptable and persevere.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below😊!

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