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Week 5 - Unrooted Cuttings

Week 5 - Unrooted Cuttings

It's week 5 of 2023.  That means our next round of unrooted cuttings has arrived.  This week we stuck an additional 4500 unrooted cuttings.

Last year we trialed growing some of our bedding plants from unrooted cuttings. It was a success, so we have expanded and are doubling the number of plants we grow from unrooted cuttings.

Here is a sneak peek video inside our misting bench this week:


Some of the *NEW* varieties we received this week are:

Calibrachoa - Cabaret Diva Pink
Calibrachoa - Cabaret Strawberry Parfait
Calibrachoa - Conga Diva Orange
Calibrachoa - Conga Pink Kiss
Impatiens - Glimmer Burgundy
Impatiens - Glimmer Salmon

If you have any questions, please comment below.

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