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Lily Beetle

Lily Beetle

It appears this nasty beetle has made it into our home gardens this year.  The lily beetle was first introduced to Canada in the early 1940's.  Over the years it has been making its way west and in 2017 the first infestation was reported in the  Edmonton area.

If you grow Lilies or Fritillaria please check your plants daily and kill any beetles you find and remove the eggs from the underside of the lily leaves.

Wondering if your lilies are infested?   One of the first indications you have a lily beetle infestations is you'll find sticky brown piles containing larva on your leaves.  This brown pile is actually fecal matter that is used to protect the larvae from sun and predators.  Currently there are no chemicals that will kill the beetles.  Spraying chemicals will only harm beneficial insects.

Research is currently being done right here in Alberta at Olds College.  Dr. Ken Fry is working on developing a biological control.

For more information and life cycle photos see this article by Olds College The Lily Beetle (oldscollege.ca)

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