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Fresh Eucalyptus...grown here in our greenhouse!!

This year, for the first time, we experimented with growing eucalyptus in our greenhouse.  Originally we planted it to be used as a filler in our bouquets however, as we have learnt, there are so many more uses for fresh eucalyptus.  Here are just a couple:

Freshen your home naturally with Eucalyptus:
A stove simmer is perfect to deodorize the entire house and a great homemade natural air freshener when you want to:
  • make room smell good naturally
  • make your house smell good without candles
  • keep house smelling good with pets
  • one of the cheapest way to make house smell good

Eucalyptus Stove Simmer:
In a pot, combine a couple limes (cut into slices), eucalyptus sprigs and fresh mint and water.  Bringing it up to a gentle boil.  You can leave it on a low boil for as long as you like and add water as needed.  This can also be done in a crockpot.


Create a spa-like experience in your shower

Eucalyptus Shower Bundle:
Combine 2-3 sprigs of fresh eucalyptus and hang them in your shower.  When you take a steamy shower, the humidity will activate the oils in the eucalyptus and create a spa-like experience with no extra effort.

Tip: place bundle in the far corner of your shower to prevent it from getting wet.  The humidity is what releases the oils.  Your eucalyptus bundle can last 2-4 weeks in the shower.  To extend the life of your bundle, we recommend placing the bundle in a vase of water when its not being used in the shower.


Did you know?

  • fresh eucalyptus – Eucalyptus clears the air and is also beneficial for the respiratory system. If you suffer from sinus congestion, have a headache or stuffy nose, definitely add some to your DIY simmer pot.

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