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Custom Container Planting FAQ's

Custom Container Planting FAQ's

At Maple Park Farm, each custom planter is made for YOU!


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions:

Q. Can I bring my own container to be planted?
A. Absolutely!  Please bring in your CLEAN pots (no soil).  The only restriction is on size.  Once planted, we must be able to move it by hand.

Q. When can I drop off my container?
A. Please contact us to make an appointment (780-662-3820).  During your appointment, we will walk through the greenhouses discussing your design style and budget.  This time is dedicated for you!

Q. When do I pick up my planter/container?
A. All custom planters must be picked up on or before the May long weekend.  Additional charges will apply for any late pickups.

Q. What is the benefit?
A. There are a couple benefits for you.  First of all, you will get "first dibs" on your plants as your planters are planted prior to opening day.  Secondly, we will plant, care and grow them on for you.  This can be up to 8 weeks earlier that you would normally plant them.  This allows them to be full and established prior to the end of May.


If you have any questions or to book your appointment, please call us at
780-662-3820 or email us at



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