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Lisianthus - Voyage Deep Rose

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Pickup at Maple Park Farm

Plants will be available for pick up at Maple Park Farm at the beginning of May


Voyage 2 Deep Rose Lisianthus blooms unfold in a symphony of rich, romantic hues. These exquisite flowers boast a deep rose shade, adding a touch of sophistication and grace to any floral arrangement.

Voyage 2 Deep Rose Lisianthus stands out with its delicate, multi-petaled blooms that create a captivating display of natural beauty.

Ideal for weddings, special events, or as an enchanting centrepiece, these blooms effortlessly complement various colour palettes, infusing your space with a sense of enduring charm.

Whether crafting an enchanting arrangement or seeking to add a romantic touch to your space, these blooms are ready to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.


At Maple Park Farm our Lisianthus are greenhouse grown in crates using sustainable growing practices so there are no harmful chemicals on your beautiful blooms.

Photo courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company