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Thank-you for helping us fulfill one of our dreams!

Thank-you for helping us fulfill one of our dreams!

During the winter months, when there are fewer chores to do, this is when we do a lot of our dreaming.  We dream about things like:

-how to improve your experience at Maple Park Farm.  This includes everything from our parking, physical layout of the greenhouses, research the new varieties (bedding plants, cut flowers and vegetable) being released each year, offering new experiences for you and the list goes on and on.

One of our dreams this year was, How to Thank each and everyone of you that support our farm.  What is something that is common no matter if you love our bedding plants, love our cut flowers or can't get enough of our fresh vegetables?

This is where our version of the Birthday Club was born.  No matter what you enjoy from our farm, you have a Birthday!

Last week, we announced our Birthday Club and asked you sign up.  Wow, we are blown away from the response.  Thank-you for taking the time to sign up and helping us achieve one of our dreams!

If you know of someone who would enjoy this please ask them to join us.  There are still a few more days for the January birthdays to sign up and be entered in for the Monthly Grand Prize Draw.

As always, if you have a questions or comments please feel free to comment below😊!  We would also love to hear what your gardening dreams are.

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