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Seed Starting for March

Seed Starting for March

March is here!  The days are getting longer, that means its time to start thinking about starting your indoor seeds.

Prior to seeding please remember to thoroughly clean all your tools and recycled pots.

Here is a table of the more commonly seeds started indoors.  Please be sure to read the seed package for any additional growing information such as cold stratification, etc.

Late Feb-Early March

Delphinium  Echinops
Foxglove Lupine


Early-Mid March



Mid-Late March
 Alyssum Oregano Leeks
Aster Parsley Onions (sweet & storage)
Coleus Peppermint Tomato
Snapdragons Spearmint Gazania
Stocks Linaria Dianthus


As tempting as it may be, to ensure your greatest success do not start your seeds too early.  Seeding too early will lead to your seedlings stretching for light and making them leggy and weak.  These seedlings will not thrive once it's time to transplant.  A smaller transplant will do better outdoors than a tall leggy one.  Your goal is to have a nice healthy stocky plant.

Happy Planting!

Portulaca Transplants

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