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Behind the Scenes-Fall 2021

Behind the Scenes-Fall 2021

🙑We have been busy making improvements for you!

After the craziness of the spring season, we knew we needed to make some changes to better serve you.  Some of the improvements we made are:

  • MORE PARKING - We have more than doubled the size of our parking lot, hopefully this will ensure you will find a spot close the greenhouse entrance on your next visit.  We felt horrible when we helped carry your beautiful plants to your vehicle only to find you parked on the road as there was no parking in the yard.  In addition to adding more parking spaces we have also widened our parking lot.
  • MORE GARDEN SPACE - We have added an additional 2 garden plots.  This extra garden space will allow us to grow more vegetables and seasonal cut flowers.  (You can see the 2 new garden plots in the photo below.  Each plot is 100' x 100')
  • MORE BEDDING PLANTS - For the first time ever, we will be growing some bedding plants from unrooted cuttings.  This is allowing us to offer more variety while trying to keep costs down.

Maple Park Farm located in Beaver County, Alberta.  Greenhouse grown cut flowers.  Greenhouse grown vegetables.  Floral Bouquets using our cut flowers.

Maple Park Farm-picture taken Fall 2021

Each of these improvements were made to improve your experience at our farm.

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