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Behind the Scenes - December 2021

For many months now, we have been proactively planning and trying to work with supply chain issues and uncertain inventory levels.

We are pleased to report that for the first time in Maple Park Farm history, we have ordered and received 90% of our 2022 seeds by November 1st.  Even with ordering our seeds this early we still ran into various backordered varieties and had to switch to a few new ones.

Another first for us this year will be growing some bedding plant varieties from unrooted cuttings.  This will allow us to offer new varieties while trying to maintain costs.  Trucking availability and costs are another issue we are trying to manage.

We have also received our Promix for the season!

We feel confident going into spring 2022 that our hard work in preparing for the upcoming season will be rewarded.  And that is good news for all of us!  We can't wait to share more in the upcoming weeks with you.

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