Closed for the Season - See you in the Spring 2021

Are you looking for a planter made just for you?

Starting April 9th, we will be accepting appointments to walk the greenhouses and together we will create your outdoor planters just for you!

How does this work?
During your appointment we will walk the greenhouses and discuss the location of your planters as well as any special colour considerations you may have.  Based on your needs we will design your planters.

Once your plants are chosen, we will plant your containers and grow them on for you until the end of May.


What is the benefit of doing this?
There are a couple reasons for doing this.  First, you get "first dibs" on your plants as they will be planted prior to the greenhouse opening.  Secondly, we will grow them for you, up to 8 weeks earlier than you would be planting them.  This allows them to be full and established prior by the end of May.


Can I bring my own containers?
Yes, you may as long as they can be moved by hand.  Please ensure that they are clean and no soil in them.


To book your appointment please call us at 780-662-3820 or email at




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